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MOVE arised upon a decade ago, by the desire of former art students from the University of Madeira Island (UMa) to increase culture in the city through several cultural actions with the purpose to promote the intervention and reflection about the most varied forms of art into the urban space.

Filipa Jasmins Freitas and Fábio Teles were responsible for the development of the project, then presented as “Movimento de Vontade de Expressão”, which aimed to challenge creatives from different areas of artistic expression to bring together ideas and projects, encouraging the production of independent artistic work, making it accessible to the public through the establishment of a direct relationship between artistic practice and its enjoyment

As cultural agents, they considered urban cultural dynamism to be urgent and decisive through new contemporary and diversified approaches focusing on regional artistic production, valuing and validating it, as well as boosting their opening to new emerging national and international artistic markets.


The movement opens with a public appearance within the scope of the Celebrations of the 500 Years of Funchal city, together with Edicarte, where it publicly debuts, on the central plate of Avenida Arriaga, for a period of 30 days, the installation arts entitled ”Stop" by Filipa Freitas, “Labirinto” by Sofia Fernandes and “Espelhos” by Filipe António.


With its solidified concept, MOVE organizes a collective exhibition, held at the Colégio dos Jesuítas - UMa, which brought together 13 young regional artists, in a symbiosis of works that diversified between painting, sculpture and installation art.


At the invitation of Edicarte, the Municipality of Funchal and the University of Madeira island, MOVE starts a partnership in order to develop a concept for the organization of a public art exhibition to be included in the Funchal Culture Festivals. The event had the participation of several artists who, one morning, developed the artistic practice live, having created a unique moment and seldom observed in the regional context: the production and enjoyment of the work simultaneously.


In partnership with NOS Summer Opening 2015, MOVE promotes, in Parque de Santa Catarina, the Creative Installation Art Contest that involved artists from different intervention areas. It was a pilot project for urban innovation, which aimed to enable creative people to generate solutions, innovative projects that transform and enhance spaces and parks in Funchal city.

2020 – 2024

MOVE ceases to be a movement and becomes the Association, adopting the name MOVE - Cultural, Creative and Artistic Association of Madeira.

A non-profit association whose main object is the creation, dissemination of creative projects and events aimed at enhancing creative expression and material and immaterial heritage.

Its founding members are several people professionally and academically linked to the most varied forms of art in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, from dance to creative arts such as painting and sculpture, to the direction of artists linked to theater and interventions in space. public, associated with the tourist poster of Madeira.

MOVE has the clear objective of developing, over these 4 years, protocols with creative and social centers as well as with the Municipalities of the region, in order to develop projects that enhance the creative talent and culture of cities and towns in our region


Funchal, 2008 - Commemoration 500 years - Installation art “Visões”

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A MOVE tem o objetivo claro de desenvolver projetos em conjunto com artistas regionais que potenciem o talento criativo e a Cultura das cidades e vilas da nossa Região.